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It is the most important center of northern Albania and with a rich cultural tradition for all of Albania. It enjoys a rather favorable geographic position after it can be conditioned as a “port of entry” for the magnificent of Albanian Alps on one side and a point from which you can travel to the sandy beach of Velipoja on the Adriatic Sea. The Shkodra area is distinguished by its distinctive natural features and rich cultural heritage. In this area, along with important natural facilities, such as Shkodra Lake, Buna River, Kune-Vaini Lagoon, Drin River, Albanian Alps, Malësia e Madhe, Drini Bay etc. there are also important historical cities, Shkodra
The tourist potentials of the Shkodra area are numerous, which makes it possible to develop the kind of tourism that is preferred.

Here can be developed:

Coastal tourism, with concentration in the area of Velipoja, which is only 30 km away from Shkodra and in the Shengjin area, very close to Lezha, which also have a relatively good tourist infrastructure.

Lake tourism, in the part of Shkodra Lake. Mountain tourism, for a healthy climate and for the possibility of winter sports, offering such areas as Razma, Boga and Thethi, which are only 46 km from the city the Alps area, where the thick layer of snow is stored almost throughout most of the year.

Hunting tourism, especially in Shkodra Lake, in the Buna River delta, Kune-Vaini tourist complex in the Drini delta, which is distinguished for diversified biodiversity. River tourism, across the rich river and river network suitable for the exercise of the river kayaking. (in the Buna River).

Cultural tourism, for the recognition of a large number of historical and cultural monuments of two of the main cities, Shkodra and Lezha, rich in centuries-long history of each period.

Velipoja Beach

Velipoja is one of Shkodra's most important beaches and tourist point, for which you have to travel only 35 km.



Tamara has become famous for the so-called "red-tailed trout" which has its entire body covered with small drops


Shkodra Museum

The museum also has its own library with a relatively rich fund of 15,000 titles from Albanian and foreign authors.


Shiroke and Zogaj

Shiroka is a well village on the shore of Lake Shkodra. It is located just 3 km from the Bune Bridge



The city largely flourished from the 8th to the 13th centuries and was an important cultural and religious center.


Rozafa castle

Founded by the Illyrians in antiquity and rebuilt much later by the Venetians and then the Turks, the fortress takes its name from a woman who was



Razma is located in the heart of the Albanian Alps and in the heart of the tourist attractions of Shkodra Region.


Photo Gallery Marubi

Preserves the first negative of Albanian photography realized by Pietro Marubi. The photo store maintains a 500,000 negative fund


Mes Bridge

It was built in the 18th century, around 1770, by Kara Mahmud Bushati, the local Ottoman pasha,and spans the Kir River.


Lead Mosque

The Lead Mosque was built in 1773 by Mehmet Bushaki, according to the style of the mosque of Blue Mosque.


Drisht Castle

The earliest traces of fortifications date to the late Neolithic era. In the 9th century, it was part of the defences of the Zeta principality.


About us

Camping Village Gardenland, is located inside Gardenland Resort in the Shkodra district, on the national road Bushat-Barbullush. In our camping you have different posibilities of accommodation like campers, rulote, wooden cottage and tents. You can park your veichles or can rent a tent or wooden cottage. In the resort you can find everything you want like: Bar & Restaurant, Swimming Pool, Children’s Playground, Fishing in the lake.




 Barbullush  Shkoder, Albania


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